“Though I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years my cholesterol levels have remained persistently borderline high in recent years, until I met Stefanie Shapiro.  Owing to the nutritional and exercise programs she advised me to follow, my cholesterol levels have come back down, and I feel much better overall.  Through Stefanie’s insightful guidance I’ve avoided dependency on prescription medications such as Statins, which my primary care physician had advised me to take.”

–Avi Nikolov, Software Engineer–New York , NY

“Stefanie’s enthusiasm about vegan food and a healthy lifestyle is contagious. She has so much energy and enthusiasm that you can’t help but feel excited about improving your health and well being with her. She opened me up to a whole new world of vegan foods that leave you feeling lighter and healthier after eating. I expanded my grocery selection, learning about the benefits — and great flavors– of items I’d never eaten before on a regular basis such as figs, dates, and silken tofu.  Stefanie also showed me that vegan desserts from chocolate cake to soy ice cream can indeed be delicious. And while I have never chosen to go completely vegan, I definitely have decreased my meat intake and upped my vegetable and fruit intake since knowing her. My meal selection is now much more diverse and I feel healthier and happier.”

–Kellie Schmitt, a journalist living and working in California

“Until very recently, I was a serial carnivore. I ate chicken, beef or lamb at least once a day, every day. As someone who exercises and weight-lifts on a daily basis, protein intake is very important to me, in order to assist in changing my body composition, and increasing lean mass.  While I have not become a full-time vegetarian–thanks to Stefanie’s help–I have introduced much more variety into my daily nutrition. I now only eat meat 2 or 3 times per week, and have instead substituted items like black beans and kidney beans, as well as other plant based proteins. I have also changed my meat purchasing habits, focusing purely on grass fed, organic products from farmers markets or organic outlets such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.  Although I do not see myself dropping meat/animal products entirely from my lifestyle in the near future, I credit Stefanie with making me aware of the health benefits of reducing my meat consumption, and admit that I feel much healthier with a reduced-meat diet.”

–Fabian Adami, Yoga Instructor and Certified Massage Therapist–Melbourne, Australia

“I have had a revulsion to butter for as long as I can remember, and never want it anywhere near, or in my food. Stefanie turned me onto vegan food and different recipes that are healthy and ALWAYS butter free. I can eat vegan food with no worry about ingesting any butter, because it doesn’t exist in vegan recipes; I never knew that before. Now I love vegan food, for that reason. I also know that I am lowering my saturated fat intake and digesting healthier fresh fruits and vegetables. She also introduced me to Agave Nectar, a sugar substitute, and I love the way it tastes.”

–Doris Parisi, Retired Teacher–Northern NJ

“While I am still technically an omnivore, I am committed to eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. Not too surprisingly, many of my meals are vegan/vegetarian largely because I’ve learned through Stefanie’s example that food can be its most colorful, flavorful, and varied without meat, dairy, or other animal products. Before long, I just may become an official herbivore!”

–T.J. Feldman, Executive Assistant, Financial Services–Coral Gables, FL

“I couldn’t more highly recommend Stefanie for anyone who wants a knowledgeable and compassionate coach in exploring a new diet.  When I first came to realize I was lactose intolerant, my interest in finding alternatives to dairy propelled me to contact Stefanie.  Over time, Stefanie helped me look at each aspect of my diet and solution to healthier–and happier–ways of eating.  (Is it possible to like, no LOVE, soy and tofu?  YES–I am proof!)  She brings an encyclopedic knowledge of foods and where they come from (favorite Stefanie discovery–vegan marshmallow fluff), food shopping, nutrition and cooking–because of the years she spent working through her own dietary issues on her path to veganism, her years as part of the “foodie” community, and her passion for food and nutrition.  Combine that with her academic and clinical backgrounds in psychology, social work, and public health, and Stef has the total package–not only the knowledge but also the unique ability to enable clients to transform their diets, attitudes, and their lives.”

–N. Khouri, Head of Product Development for Group Insurance and Dental Products, Health Benefits Industry–Boston, MA

“Having regularly enjoyed her delicious yet healthy food, and friendship for two years, I unquestionably recommend Stefanie’s guidance to anyone with a taste bud! Although not a vegan myself, I got a pleasant surprise trying out Stefanie’s custom-made vegan recipes. Indeed she is one of the most well researched vegans known to me, who not only understands the science of healthy diet, but also has a unique ability to add great taste to it.”

–Usman Raza, Assistant Professor, Peshawar Medical College–Pakistan