Check out the below resources to help you achieve, promote, and support your optimal well-being, including health, diet, lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition.

Brenner Reiki Healing: Healing, Health, & Harmony

Whether you are exploring Reiki for relief from troubling physical conditions or seeking a happier, more vitalized self, Brenner Reiki Healing offers a comforting and reassuring setting in which to discover Reiki’s health-promoting benefits. Elise Brenner, Ph.D.,is a Reiki Master Teacher working with people of all ages who wish to benefit from Reiki. Brenner Reiki Healing offers private Reiki sessions, a monthly low-cost Reiki Clinic, and Reiki Classes for all levels of Reiki training.

A.k.a.  Marvelicious: Marvelously Delicious Cookies–Vegan with Organic

From their website:  Here at A.k.a Marvelicious we’re not just interested in saving the planet one cookie at a time but in creating unique, delicious, dairy-free cookies. We are committed to using a high percent of organic ingredients. All of our cookies at A.k.a Marvelicious are 100% vegan, meaning they don’t use any animal ingredients. Every variety is dairy-free and egg-free. A.k.a Marvelicious vegan cookies provide greater nutritional value for the input of resources, which means a lighter impact on the planet.

Whole Visit Health–Integrative Medicine, Simplified

This site allows you to search for various integrative and complementary care practitioners in the Boston area, including primary care, chiropractic, nutritional counseling (I am listed as a service provider in this category), acupuncture, and massage therapy.

The founders explain their website in the following words:

wholevisit health offers the first transparent and reliable information source for integrative medicine. it was founded in cambridge, massachusetts, by two graduates of the harvard school of public health. wholevisit health allows patients to make informed decisions about their health concerns and find the treatments in their area best suited to their needs. you are invited to be a part of this living community of health-aware patients and professionals.

Global Wildlife Conservation

The interconnectedness of one’s diet and the environment is indisputable.  It is important to understand that the food one eats directly impacts the environment.  Everyone may have a different central “theme” as to why one decides to go vegan/vegetarian, and one of those prominent reasons is to help save the environment.  That being said, here is an organization that is trying to do just that.  The founder, Wes Sechrest, is vegan–he understands that a vegan lifestyle not only helps the animals but also helps the environment.

Wes Sechrest says this about GWC:

The mission of Global Wildlife Conservation is to use the best science to protect the world’s threatened wildlife and habitats.

GWC is involved in three areas of conservation and science:
• conducting field expeditions to the most biologically important areas of the world;
• implementing conservation research and action on threatened species and habitats; and
• facilitating wildlands conservation in collaboration with partners.