Upcoming Events:  

Seminar–“Effective Transitioning to a Healthy Veg Lifestyle” at the Boston Housing Authority in Charlestown on August 28th, 1-2 pm.  This presentation is sponsored by the Boston Housing Authority.

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Past Events:

Seminar–“Effective Transitioning to a Healthy Veg Lifestyle” at the all vegan Grasshopper Restaurant in Boston on February 19th.  This presentation was sponsored by the Boston Vegetarian Society (

Seminar Description:

Whether you are just starting to think about making some changes in your diet and lifestyle, or if you are well on your way and looking for some useful tips, or if you are vegetarian or vegan and wanting to stay on course with your new way of life, this talk will enlighten and support you!

Stefanie will touch on reasons for adopting a plant-based diet, myths of a vegan lifestyle, and debunking perceived roadblocks.  She will offer action plans and key interventions to aid people in taking the first step towards vegetarianism  — and then maintaining this lifestyle.   Going veg is a journey, at times challenging, but with the right tools it can be done effectively and successfully – while having tons of fun!  Stefanie’s goal today is to show that transitioning to a vegetarian/vegan way of living is not as hard as it may seem–it’s all about shifting one’s perspective and gaining the knowledge!

Speaker Bio:

Stefanie Shapiro earned a Masters in Public Health degree from Harvard and a Masters Degree in Psychology.  She has studied vegetarian nutrition, diet, fitness, and complimentary health for the past 10 years.  She worked as a consultant to the public sector for a management consulting firm in Boston, and worked for a quality improvement organization striving to improve children’s healthcare.  Stefanie is also a Reiki Master Therapist. When living in California, she worked at a vegan restaurant, hosted a public access TV show about veganism, and volunteered with animal advocacy organizations.