I’ll show you that vegan food can be GOOD and TASTY food and will expose you to a whole new world of epicurean delights. Consider it a gourmet renewal! You can keep chewing but in a whole new way.  The adventure begins when you “chew and renew.”

My goal as a coach is to get you as excited about achieving your optimal well being through eating delicious and healthy food as you already are about eating your Mom’s decadent piece of homemade chocolate cake! And yes, that is possible and even probable.

Here’s how we start. You bring me a basic outline of your goals, objectives, motivations, and interests, and I’ll bring you a vegan connoisseur’s breadth and depth of knowledge, with a ton of fun and humor mixed in.

I am your very own vegan consultant—the one you may not have realized you really wanted and needed until NOW! You wonder: my very own Vegan Consultant? Yes. I know, I know, what more could you ask for? In my opinion very much more, and that is where I come into your story.

Mission: To help you transition to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle that promotes and supports your optimal well being, with tons of fun, good food, good cheer, and good company (that would be me initially and later on all of your new veggie friends).

A bit about me: Vegan for 14 years, Vegetarian for 18 years, passionate and knowledgeable about health, nutrition, and fitness–I’d be happy to show you the ropes (those organic hemp ones of course)!

Allow today to be the start of a lifestyle adventure that begins with questions and ends with a more refined palate–A Purposeful Palate.

Email me at  stefanie@purposefulpalate.com or call me at 510.825.1251 to start your new vegan/vegetarian journey.

The choice is yours, the moment is NOW!