About Me

P1000634_2Over the past decade, I have been involved in animal advocacy groups in San Francisco (no worries, we were always well behaved, courteous, and not too in your face about it—very un-PETA-esque, although I do support PETA overall); co-hosted a live, call-in public access television show about veganism; worked at an all-vegan restaurant in California with some amazing chefs; studied vegetarian nutrition, diet, fitness, and complimentary health for the past 10 years; worked as a consultant to the public sector for a management consulting firm in Boston; and received a MA in Psychology and, most recently, earned a Masters in Public Health degree from Harvard.  I am currently working for a quality improvement organization striving toward improving children’s healthcare, specifically preventing childhood obesity. I am also a Reiki Master Therapist. You will be in competent and capable vegan hands when we work together!

The Backstory:  When I was 16 years old, my mother’s friend from San Diego sent her a magazine detailing the atrocities inherent in factory farming. My mom passed it off to me to peruse. I took it into the bathroom for some interesting reading material and walked out a newly avowed vegetarian. My mother (who loves this story) was shocked and wanted to know why the bathroom had such a profound effect on me.

At the time, I wasn’t sure my new eating path would be sustainable. I had the luxury and privilege of growing up in NJ – well, this isn’t so much the “privileged” part–and was exposed to a multitude of good food—Italian, Jewish (although gefilte fish is debatable “good” food), Portuguese, and Spanish cuisines. With the recently opened Burger King just down the street advertising its brand new – at the time – Double Whopper with Cheese, I wasn’t so confident my adolescent nature could exhibit such self-discipline.

Nevertheless, I persevered and discovered–to my utmost surprise–that vegetarianism was a newfound pleasure, joy, challenge, and adventure. With supporting parents and a zest for learning, I took delight in researching new recipes, learning about dietary needs, and ensuring optimal nutrition. My path had begun and, although rocky patches revealed themselves along the way, I never lost my conviction, value, and belief in what I was doing. Besides the ethics, it was just plain FUN.

Then, senior year in college, after reading John Robbins’ “Diet for a New America,” I decided I would take another step forward and became a newly avowed vegan. I had allowed this book to sit on my bookshelf for several years, knowing that once I read about the atrocities and health issues in the “Dairy Chapter,” I would not be able to continue consuming dairy. My motto had always been: Ignorance is not bliss. I voraciously read the book, taking my first steps toward veganism.

Well, enough about me. Now, I’d love to hear all about you. Please email me at stefanie@purposefulpalate.com or call me at 510.825.1251 to begin your own journey towards healthful living and eating.

The choice is yours, the moment is NOW. I look forward to assisting you through this process.